The Tuesday Three

I feel like its been forever since I wrote…in reality it was probably only a couple days. But I love this blog and I love YOU guys so I came up with this little thing called the Tuesday Three. I did this for a couple reasons. One, it guarantees that I wrote a post at least once a week. And two, it will be a nice way to pick things up from that dreary start-of-the-week-my-goodness-isn’t-it-Friday yet feeling.

So what is the Tuesday Three, you ask?


Every Tuesday, I’ll talk about three things that are rocking my week in the nerd world or even making me crazy. It could be nerd news, nerd reviews, it could be me complaining about an episode of my favorite show, whatever. It’ll be a way to share allll my nerd with you without having to write an individual blog post for every single thing.

So here is the first official Tuesday Three:

1. The Avengers Blooper Reel

One of my nice little sites that I love to get all my nerd and pop culture is Hypable and today they posted a nice little goodie, a sneak peek to The Avengers dvd/blu-ray release (which is September 25th, in case you needed to know). Oh yes, it is the blooper reel. I literally have not laughed so hard in such a long time. The cast obviously had a seriously fun time making this movie. It seems to be expected; it is Joss Whedon. But this reel had me literally laughing to tears and made me more anxious for the release. The highlight for me was definitely Cobie Smulders (of How I Met Your Mother fame), as Agent Hill, reacting in a quite dramatic way to Coulson’s death. Hilarious. I would so spend a day on set, just to hang out with that cast and to see some of the awesomeness that obviously takes place behind the scenes.

2. Joss Whedon-Discovering Awesomeness

Okay, I’m like 7 billion years late on this. I totally get that. But after watching The Avengers and seeing how fantastic it was, I had to discover more Joss…especially when all of my awesome awesome friends were telling me how Joss is boss and how haven’t I watched Firefly and Buffy? So I watched Firefly…and literally killed it. Fantastic show. Why haven’t I watched that sooner! Nathan Fillion…hello there! And the rest of the cast cracks me up! Loved the show and loved Serenity. So then I started watching Buffy…which was a little slower for me to get into. Once I made it the end of season one, I started to get hooked. I just started season two a couple days ago and am looking forward to the awesomeness. I’m hooked now. Joss is DEFINITELY boss.

3. Emily Giffin’s new book, Where We Belong.

I read it in a few hours. Today. After buying it…today. I adore Emily Giffin. I love that she is a chick lit writer with some serious edge. Yeah, she writes chick lit, but there are some serious shit going down in those books. I love her companion books, Something Borrowed and Something Blue. I’ve read them a million times. I like her others: Baby Proof, Heart of the Matter and Love the One You’re With…but this one. This one was fantastic. I almost feel like she just nailed it again. It follows Marian, a thirty-something living in New York, who is visited late one night by the daughter she gave up when she was 18, Kirby. The story switches back and forth between the two women’s point of views and is so real and raw. It seems like a cliche storyline but it’s not. It’s not at all and I loved it. I recommend it a hundred times over.

Any comments, concerns, or questions? As always, leave it in the comments.

See you next week, for the Tuesday Three.

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