Top Ten Tuesday – Favorite Things to Eat/Drink While Reading!

The Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly challenge post previously hosted by The Broke and Bookish and now hosted by The Artsy Reader Girl. You can follow along for each weekly post here. This week’s post is all about the things I love to eat and drink when I’m reading. Its a fairly short list because honestly the best answer is…I read all the time so I kind of am always doing SOMETHING, eating something, drinking something when I’m reading! Here are my few favorites though –


Its so boring but so true – I drink mostly water and I almost always have my hydroflask near me while I’m reading because sometimes I sit there for a long time and forget to, you know, hydrate.

An Alcoholic Beverage

I used to love to drink a beer while I was reading but since the carbs are so high and I’m technically diabetic, I avoid it when I can. But I do love drinking cinnamon whiskey and Coke Zero and my favorite whiskey is the Jim Beam fire. I like to relax when I read and nothing is more relaxing than a good drink.


My favorite snack in the world is chips – any chips really. I will snack on them forever, through an entire book, and never even notice that I’ve been doing it.


I really associate cupcakes with books often – I used to go to events at the Barnes and Noble at the Grove in LA all the time, I would get there super early to wait in line and my reward after a long, fun but exhausting day was a cupcake or two from Sprinkles. Now the two definitely go hand in hand for me.



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